Semester is almost over and as you may have noticed I haven't updated in a hundred fucking years, because I am very busy and negligent. But fear not! Cool stuff is ahead! I am going to try and put my journal and Myspace and stuff in disuse and start up a blog this summer or something, I am doing SO MANY COOL THINGS :D

 Sorry for being a dick. But I love you. Hang in there internet, I'll get this stuff sorted out eventually...


For now add my Facebook page! Keep updated with the happenings!

also, when I'm doing crowns again I WILL BE SURE TO POST IT EVERYWHERE. Contacting me now about crowns won't do much, sorry

Steampunk Symposium video from Grounded TV

Hey guys! I'm almost done this semester and looking forward to a short break to visit family back home. So far I've thrown up a Flickr so you can check that out here: FLICKR!
I need to show you this awesome video just posted on Grounded TV, it's on the Steampunk Symposium and it sums up the awesomeness pretty well. Vancouver steampunks show off their wicked steez and talk about the show as well as some good tunes in this video (Vancouver Steampunks seems to really like dubstep... perhaps it's because Vancouver has copious amounts of steampunks and dubstep artists, that's why I love it here?) This video features that handsome Shwa guy talking about his art show, myself sounding (not too) dumb and Kelsey Faery, who makes the most amazing clothing I have ever seen. I have one of her mini top hats and an epic vest I traded for some art...
On the Grounded TV site

I look like I am wearing a neck brace but it's actually a mink :s
Hope you like it and take the video as a good excuse for not posting more haha

- Bran xoxo


So I am sorry for being quite overdue for an update. I have literally been far too busy with school and work. I am still doing the university thing as well as working 2 jobs and was preparing for an epic art show that went smashingly well at the beginning of this month. I have so many pics and stories from things that have occured since mid August, such as the zombie walk, Emily Carr stuff, new tattoos and piercings, cool stuff I have made, Halloween, some photoshoots, Lolita meetups, my adorable pets, adventures, new exciting hair, and the Steampunk Symposium. But it's too much... I can't post it all. I've been styling some photoshoots lately and am going to be doing a little modeling soon, and trying to balance everything and try to still have a life... as well as figuring out being semi-single :s
I don't know if I'm gonna stick around on this journal because I need a more professional artsy blog-type journal and ave been thinking of moving over to a Blogspot. I'm not sure how I would work things then, probably post there and link to it here and on Twitter (which, by the way, I update very frequently!) I would post new art on my blogspot and on Deviantart and try to keep those posts updated on Myspace, Twitter, LJ, and my Facebook page. Jeez I'm everywhere... good thing some plugins/apps are making it easier to connect everything! But what about the pics I keep getting hassled about posting? Haha. I could still post here OR use Flickr... do you guys use Flickr? Would you? It's pretty rad and since I mainly post images here it would be a good place to dump pics and link to here.
I'll probably figure something out in the next couple weeks... I want to keep regularly posting art, pics, and other things like stuff I think is neat like music and videos and makeup tutorials but I'm sooo busy. I need to make it easier for myself, heh. Maybe I could force myself to make regular bi-weekly or weekly posts.
I'd of course still be active on LJ in all my usual comms... just moving the bulk of my actual posting elsewhere and separating it. Whatchoo think?

Love you guys and hope your lives have been full of swell adventures,
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Woohoo, I got another job. So now I have two very part time jobs that give me shifts on random days.
 I'm working at Deadly Couture and Accent Cruises, the former selling pretty things and fetishwear and the latter taking rich people on dinner cruises. I had my first shift on the boat the other day, I am kitchen bitch and chop stuff and wash things and carry stuff around. I also get to spoon $70 meals onto the plates of people who are too busy staring at me to register that I am doling out food. Apparently I make a killing in tips though so I am excited.
 Still selling crowns, and consistently busy with it. I think I might be ok now.

I got  a microdermal anchor on my throat a couple of weeks ago! It's preeeetty. My lobes are now finally at 2", where they will stay for a while now. They turn 5 on the 21st, when I turn 19! I am also retarded with excitement about getting my tongue split at the end of the month. Lukas is going to be here for it and my birthday and it will be grand. I am still worried about my parents' reactions though. I talked to them about it briefly and they flipped out of course, so I wrote them a 4 page email and sent them all the information they could possibly need. My mom keeps putting off emailing me back and changes the subject every time I mention it. It's beginning to really frustrate me because I don't know how they feel, and although I know they don't approve I would like to know that we have at least had a conversation about it and it will be okay. Especially since I've made it clear how important it is to me. I just want them to not be mad.
Also, tattooooos toniiight!

I installed my wool dreads and I think I like them, it's like having a cuddly wool pillow on my head that is also a hat and scarf.
The opening of the art show at The FALL was the other night, so I booked it over there after work, beet-stained shirt and all. The show looks really good, if you are in Van before July 30th definitely check it out. It features magnificent  works by the likes of myself, Josh Keirstead, Alison Woodward, Nomi Chi, and other people I don't know. I HOPE I SELL SOMETHING D: Nomi was drawing $.50 doodles, I got one of Josh cuddling a cuttlefish and me and Lizzie as kittens. After my roommates and our friends went to The Templeton and got dessert, then me and Matt puked a bunch. Good night.
 I did not epic fail my midterm either.
My bike finally got fixed for freeee, but someone at the shop forgot to mention that I wanted the rims replaced with PURPLE ONES so I didn't get them and they'll cost me $40 now so nowaithx. I got purple glitter grips to compensate.
MY BIRTHDAY IS SOON YAY. I can actually go out and do things.
Lukas is bringing us another ferret to live with our sneaky escape artist thief! And Lukas himself might move in with us at some point, whoo boy 4 people in a small storefront studio loft.
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David Lang Photography

I thought I needed to pose these pictures because they are awesome. They are taken by Josh's friend David Lang, who is an unfairly talented guy. Go see more of his photography here:
 Good photographer + cutest guy ever + even cuter tortoise = amazing photos.
 Also I made the vest Josh is wearing. I need to get some better photos of it.

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Well shit

 School's done and after shaking off the plague, I went looking for a job. Second place I applied, Adrenaline Vancity (piercing and tattoo shop) interviewed me right away and called me back a day later, I was so excited I fell down the stairs and bruised my arm. I started yesterday with another new girl who turned out to be rather awesome and had fantastic taste in music (deathrock fans are hard to come by around here, although I have met quite a few in the last month) and we started our training in the sterile room, cleaning tubes and tools and working the autoclave and whatnot. It is a pretty swell job, and exactly what I was looking for. After a few years of working there I would have worked my way towards an apprenticeship and have accumulated a lot of experience working in a shop. Also free tattoos and piercings are always awesome. Yesterday went really well and I was really looking forward to working there despire warnings that it wouldn't be easy and I would probably get screwed over. This morning while walking to work, I was right outside the shop when my manager called me and told me they didn't need anyone right now but I would be paid for yesterday. Fuck! I am so disappointed. That job was exactly what I wanted. Now I need to find another job and postpone getting my vertical labrets, but I am still getting measured for them soon because I friggin want them. Hopefully I'll get rehired when they move at the end of the month but still, argh. Arrgh.
 Alison took me out for vegan pumpkin pie and it made me feel a little better.

 I have a lot of pictures to post soon, MSI, the Foundation Show, RazorCandi's mini crown, and more.
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 I seem to only write journals when I am sick, Probably because that's when I am sitting around with my laptop being lazy. I slept almost the entire day today. Yesterday was my last day of classes though, so I will be spending the next couple of weeks hunting for a job. I'll also be starting to do commissions for art and tiny hats and whatnot again too. I'll have to make a waitlist though, I always end up letting myself get swamped.
 I started wearing contacts last month but now I can't wear them for a week now because my eye is infected. I also have a lung and sinus infection. I think my allergies started it, I was outside a lot last week riding my new bike. I went to a clinic today and all the doctor really said "wow", "you're really sick", and "ooh your eye is really red" about 5 times. So I got some drugs and hopefully I'll be good as new soon, this weekend is the 1st year students' art show and my mom is coming to see me. I was hopefully going to get my tattoo finished this weekend but now I am all sick with the illness so It'll have to wait a few days.
 My roommate is super wonderful and made dinner and brought me quinoa and veggies in a pretty teacup and a glass of almond milk in bed. I am so glad our new roommate is so awesome.
 My glasses are broken and irrepairable, so I need to look for some new inexpensive frames now that I have time. Josh got up in the night to kill a loud cricket that his geckos didn't eat and knocked my glasses off of the ledge and accidentally stepped on them. Right now I have the arm taped on because I have to wear them, it adds to my patheticness.
 Also today is my 5monthaversary with Josh, yay!

 I saw MSI and it was pretty much the greatest thing. I had waited for like 5 years. I was reminded why I loved them so much in the first place. They are so satisfying to see live, LynZ wasn't there because she had to go get pregnant with Gerard Way's baby but Jimmy and Steve were extremely drunk and I guess their usual selves, Kitty was so nice when I met her afterwards and they all signed my Creepshow bag. The opening bands both sounded like Depeche Mode and we befriended an extremely loud man. I had worn some dollar store green fairy wings to the show and handed them to Jimmy, who gleefully put them on along with someone else's tiara and tutu before dragging the most morbidly obese audience members on stage to excitedly sing "Faggot". Of course the audience eventually ripped them off of him but still. Awesome. Jimmy also grabbed a boy from the audience with pink dreads, who he brings on stage every year, to be his pony.
 I also got everyone's autograph on my Creepshow bag :D
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